Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Bedtime

I think I've told you before that Mr. D and I sleep in a full-size bed. We're looking to upgrade to a king in the near future. Two people and a cat just don't fit in a full. It's cramped. It's sweaty. And it's ugly. You'll just have to trust me on that.

But the thing is, neither of us know anything about buying beds. (Our current bed is resting on just a cheap bed frame.) Mr. D is pretty convinced we need an upholstered headboard. He likes the idea of leaning up against a soft, fluffy back, and I guess I agree with him. But do they last as long? Are they too trendy? We need help.

Don't even get us started on buying a mattress. We need serious help in that department

West Elm Diamond Tufted Headboard ($381), Moroccoa Headboard ($381), and Leather Grid-Tufted Headboard ($509); Crate and Barrel Tate Bed ($1,599) and Dawson Bed ($1,199); Pottery Barn Raleigh Camelback Bed & Headboard ($1,099)and Montgomery Upholstered Headboard ($599)

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